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Resources and Recommendations

University of Washington Social and Sensory Processing Study : a multidisciplinary study that is hoping to learn more about sensory difficulties in Autism.

The University of Washington is currently running this study to better understand the biochemical, brain, and behavioral causes of social challenges and sensory sensitivity in children with autism. The information gained in this study will lead to advancements in our understanding of individuals with autism.

We are seeking 8 to 12 year olds with high functioning autism, 8-12 year olds with sensory processing challenges but no history of ADHD or other childhood psychiatric disorders, and 8-12 year olds who are typically developing. Your child would participate in two to three sessions, each between 1 hr. and 4 hrs. in length. The study uses questionnaires, behavioral tasks, a brain scan and a nasal cell collection.

Click the link for more information: Social and Sensory Processing Study Facts

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