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Back to School Project
September 24, 2012
Welcome back to school!

Like many parents of specials needs kids, the new school year feels like a blessing and a curse to me.  On one hand I feel like I get a break again and on the other hand I am worried about how my child is going to handle the stresses of the classroom.  While scouring pinterest I came upon the perfect DIY project for my bouncy, attention challenged boy.

For about $12 I made this very simple foot roller.  He can push it, roll the pipe or move the pipe back and forth.  I walked into Home Depot and immediately found someone to help me.  I found some self locking 48″ bungee cords.  Then we found PVC pipe that the ends of the bungee would actually fit through and  the wonderful employee cut the entire pipe every 12″ by hand.

When I got my purchases home I was thinking that maybe I would need something to make sure that it didn’t make too much noise in his classroom that might irritate his teacher and distract the other kids.  I had a pool noodle lying round and realized it was just the thing!

My son loves his new roller that he can play with when he gets fidgety and is having a tough time in his seat.  His teachers like it because it’s safe and yet easily removable!

If you haven’t joined us on Pinterest, please do!  I pin a ton of great ideas for the classroom and at home.


Jackie Hattori COTA/L, LMP