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Pinterest For Occupational Therapists & Parents of Special Needs Children
March 24, 2012

Pinterest is a gold mine for occupational therapists and parents of special needs children since we are always looking for fun, educational and functional activities! With summer on the way, our Pinterest page might have the activities you are looking for! Check us out at http://pinterest.com/mvpedtherapy/

On our Just For Fun Board, a great pin is 100 Free things to do with Kids this summer!

Here are a few ideas with some local adaptations!

1. Library – Check out books that have IDEAS – give reason for further hands on study (activity). Reserve books through your online service at your local library that have items of interest for your child’s age group, how to make paper airplanes, science experiments, craft projects, etc. even as we are learning about different artists we are practicing our learning by completing art projects…get creative with the books you can get…

2. Library – STORY TIME – something about a different setting breaks up the routine for the kids, gives them something to look forward to. (The King county library has a lot of great summer programs)

3. Local Park – go early, pack a lunch, bring a drawing tablet, enjoy the outside before its too hot.

4. Take a field trip.

5. Visit a fire department.

6. Play in the water – but aside from the everyday play in the sprinkler, kiddie pool – make games with the water – use the water with paint brushes and paint the fence (it dries clear, lol)…put coloring in the water and stretch paper across a fence – fill water guns with this colored water and then they are really painting with water colors.

7. Build a fort, go to nearby woods, gather sticks, broken branches, etc. build a fort, or house this will provide days worth of enjoyment both in the gathering/building/playing inside.

8. Take a nature walk. Take along a journal, let the kids bring cameras, then go home, identify everything your photographed, create a nature book. That’s a whole nother days activities (paper, photos, glue, scissors, notebook) this is especially good saved for a rainy day.

9. Take an “Alphabet tour”… again camera(s) in hand, journals – letter guides for younger kids – drive to town/city – begin with the letter a (Apple street) b (building) c (Candy shop) d(dairy queen) e(eatery) you get the drift – when you are done – each child has a personal and creative alphabet memory book.

10. Check out kids free days at your museums. The King County Library offers free passes to many museums http://www.kcls.org/programs/museumpasses.cfm