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Pediatric & Infant Massage

Massage is an excellent way for parents and caregivers to communicate and form a strong relationship with their infants and children. The benefits to both the child and adult are numerous and may include:

  • Increased parent-child attachment and bonding
  • Increased confidence in parenting skills
  • Improved respiration
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Reduced hypersensitivity to touch
  • Improved vocalization
  • Better gastrointestinal functioning/relief of gas and constipation
  • Relaxation for the parent/caregiver and baby/child

The massage giver needs to consider the child’s medical status, developmental level and sensory functioning when choosing the type of massage to offer in order for it to be safe and beneficial. Good positioning for the child and parent ensure a comfortable experience.

Private Instruction & Consultation

Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy can help you specifically design a massage program for you and your baby or young child that will be a positive experience and will highlight your child’s unique abilities and personality. We also offer infant massage classes in your home or community center for your parent group or friends.

Please contact us at 425-358-3070 or info@mvpedtherapy.com for more information for private or group sessions to learn pediatric massage with your baby or young child.

Published Articles

Massage for Infants and Children on the Autism Spectrum

Written By: Mary Gengler Fuhr, OTR/L, RYT, CEIM
 with Jackie Kalina Hattori, COTA/L, LMP
 and Carrie Sheppard, MEd., LMHC
Click the link above to read our article  published on Infant Massage USA!


Pediatric Massage- Revised For The Child With Special Needs by Kathy Fleming Drehobl B.S., OTR/L and Mary Gengler Fuhr B.S., OTR/L

This illustrated guidebook is designed for use with infants and young children with special needs including Developmental Delays, Neurological Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorders and others. You will learn about the benefits of  massage, the medical needs to consider before giving a massage, reading the child’s cues, and detailed massage strokes and modifications. Reproducible pages, updated research, resources, and an extensive bibliography are included.

“At a time when technology is escalating rapidly, it is essential for professionals to ensure that the art of healing is balanced with the science of healing. Emphasis continues to be placed on family centered care, and the role of massage in bonding and attachment has been expanded. Then techniques so carefully described and illustrated are especially empowering for parents in creating successful interactions with their child.”

Rhoda P. Erhardt, M.S. OTR, FAOTA from the Forward to Pediatric Massage – Revised-for the Child with Special Needs.

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