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Our fun, informative, and interactive learning opportunities can be custom designed to fit the time frame, skills, and needs of your staff or audience. They provide an engaging and refreshing blend of Power Point presentation with hands-on and movement experiences.

Please contact Heide at 425-358-3070 or info@mvpedtherapy.com to plan and schedule a training opportunity at your facility.

Our own Mary Fuhr is presenting in San Francisco at the Accessible Yoga Conference!

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Past Workshops

Calm, Cool & Connected

Presented by:

Mary Gengler Fuhr, OTR/L, RYT, CEIM and Carrie Sheppard, M. Ed., LMHC

March 6, 2015  9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
ABC Church
6225 Atascadero Mall
Atascadero, CA

Helping your child develop Self-Regulation skills – the ability to self-calm or energize to master appropriate responses to the stresses of everyday living – impacts all areas of interaction throughout a lifetime. Equipping yourself to apply self-regulation strategies at home may be the single most useful tool you can give your family.

This team approach to building self-regulation skills draws from fields of neuroscience, occupational therapy, and developmental psychology to understand effective ways to motivate behavioral change.  Focus is placed on understanding each individual’s need to achieve a “just right” balance by appropriately calming an overactive brain and body  or conversely, energizing oneself  to increase a low level of alertness.  Practical and ready-to-use strategies will be presented to address your child’s motivation, self-confidence, skill development, and emotion regulation.

Recognizing that parents and caregivers are a child’s most valuable asset, this course also includes user-friendly tools for parent self-care. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of strategies for self-calming, self-monitoring, and getting comfortable throughout the workshop. Leave rejuvenated and ready to refresh your relationship!

Sponsored by: Coast Allied Health Consulting and Education, Inc. in collaboration with community partners.

Pediatric Massage for All Children

May 2, 2014
Hampton Inn & Suites – San Luis Obispo, CA

Presented by Mary Gengler Fuhr, OTR/L, RYT, CEIM

In this interactive and relaxing class, participants will learn why touch and massage are crucial for all children and how to provide massage and other touch/pressure techniques. Modifications for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory processing issues, developmental disabilities, and neuro-motor conditions will be presented. Through power point presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice with each other and a doll, participants will gain the basic knowledge and skills necessary to safely provide infant and pediatric massage.


Appy Hour

Dates To Be Announced
This workshop for adults is dedicated to helping you find the best fitting apps for your child to enhance their learning and abilities. Come and enjoy light appetizers and mocktails while learning about the newest apps. There is no childcare available for this evening event. The workshop cost is $20.

Billie Jean Otter, MOTR/L
For my capstone project as a student in the Master of Occupational Therapy program at the University of Washington, I worked with teachers and students to successfully use iPads at an integrated preschool. I determined how to quickly and easily find educationally appropriate apps, how to set up the classroom environment to allow for better use, and how to help students get the most out of their iPad time.

As a mother of a child with unique needs, I have experienced how complicated daily routines, school, work, sleep, social participation, and even leisure time can be for a family. Setting up systems to help manage these events can be helpful, but often take time and effort to initiate and maintain. I have a special interest in giving parents the tools they need to create or streamline these systems, in hopes of making the day more manageable. When utilized correctly, an iPad can be an efficient and motivational instrument for all family members.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage classes for parents & caregivers are offered throughout the year. Massage can help improve sleep, provide relief from “tummy troubles”, promote healthy development, create a special bond with your baby. Our ongoing classes are taught in three sessions:

Class 1: Lower Body strokes and child development
Class 2: Trunk and Arm strokes with routines to help digestion problems
Class 3: Face and Back strokes with information regarding massage throughout childhood

Please call for more information! 425-358-3070 ext 1

Yoga & Massage for Children with Special Needs

This hands-on workshop will provide an overview of the benefits of movement and touch for the child with special needs.

Sensory Processing & Strategies for Self-Regulation

Presented by Mary Fuhr, OTR/L and Carrie Sheppard, LMHC
Does your child overreact to sounds, foods or the texture of clothes? Do they appear oblivious to things others pay attention to? Is your child’s activity level way too high or too low? Does your child have frequent melt-downs? These and other symptoms could signal a sensory-processing disorder. Self-Regulation – the ability to master appropriate responses to the stresses of everyday living – is a critical life skill. Children with sensory processing disorder or who are on the autism spectrum need to learn how to calm themselves and manage their responses, emotions and behavior. This class will help you help your child learn to self-regulate and cope with the demands of a dynamic and often bewildering world. Appropriate for parents and professionals.